Friday, December 11, 2009

The Haimes Crew 5/07/09

The haimes crew are here, two months later, to put up the awning. Complaining about the heat! The cheek. Tell me about it, I said. We went to their place to get them in person since the guy wasn’t answering his phone any more or hanging up. The father was there, and an elderly couple were already complaining volcanically as they do here. When they had gone the father even vent a bit of his anger on us, saying, ah, and what do you want now after what happened? Luckily mio marito keeps his calm in these situations and he said well, we would simply like your son to come and finish the work he started. Of course the father only knew one half of the story –that they had come to ours and mio suocero had chased them – because they did such a botched job, explained mio marito in diplomatic terms. He also didn’t know that mio marito had actually come round to speak to the son who had admitted he hadn’t followed it himself and promised to come back. Two months later and we get the father scene. He calmed down then and said he’d make sure the son came by. We emphasised the heat and the fact we had actually paid most of the price as a deposit!


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