Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good customers, bad customers

On Friday and on Saturday night two tables left without paying. On Friday it was about 21.15h when a couple sitting at a table upstairs asked if they could pay at the till and the waiter said, Yes of course. But he forgot that there was no staff member downstairs – the barman hadn’t arrived yet, mio marito was still at home and there was only one other waiter who was also upstairs. So they just walked out. This, despite the fact that we’re always telling waiters that someone needs to be at the door to meet and greet at all times. On Saturday night it was busy and a table of four young people in the side room took advantage of the chaos to walk out without paying. €20 in cocktails. Not much, but that’s not the point, is it?

Just when mio marito was feeling down about it all, a nice English couple dined at the restaurant during the week. They had the seafood starter, pasta with prawns and artichokes and fresh tuna steak in pistachio crust, and raved about it all. They came back the next night and the man admitted he was a cook in a very busy London restaurant serving 200 people in a sitting. They’d read about us on Trip adviser and would be leaving a very happy comment. They wanted to know how much would this place cost. The girl whistled when she heard the value, said in London it would be worth a million pounds! The man said it was his dream to open a restaurant and he’d want to do it just like this.

Some people make the hard slog worth it for mio marito