Saturday, June 22, 2013

Irish review for Pachamama on Tripadvisor

Lovely surprise to hear the Irish accent at Pachamama. Great to hear about their adventures in Sicily, share travel stories, and find a great review on Tripadvisor. Thank you :)

Tourists like our menu!

Tourist season is here again. So, among all the familiar faces of our regular and not so regular locals, it is nice to see foreigners at Pachamama again. Mio marito was away last week so I was at the restaurant for a couple of hours each evening. A little rusty from lack of practice, I had the waiter nearby to list the specials while I took the order for a group from Ukraine (serious, but appreciative) and a table of Germans, (smiley and appreciative). The highlight was a Spanish-Slovak couple who came back a second night. The Malaga-man has worked in restaurants for years and said, "A lo bueno se vuelve siempre". He complimented us on the excellent, varied menu and added - "There is something of you in the menu - the paella, the tapas, the tinto de verano (Spanish summer wine)". Nice to be appreciated :)