Monday, December 7, 2009

Tourist solidarity 24/06/09

The drilling goes on all day on an old building being restructured across the road. June is apparently prime building time because the days e long, the weather is dy and it is not too hot yet.But I can’t think straight; the eternal problem of living in historic quarters of cities in Europe.

Two tourists came last night. From Switzerland, one German speaking the other French, but his family was from Barcellona. Great satisfaction to talk to them. They wanted the hummous as something different and light, and I proposed the salmorejo (cold tomato soup with a litle onion and garlic, a summer Andalusian speciality). Well, they cleaned their plates and said it was brilliant and wanted the recipe! And they loved the tabbouleh and the carpaccio di manzo (beef). So it worth having different things on the menu. They said they were sick of the same old pasta and pizza all the time and said they would be back.

The fair one said he thought people so rude; he said he got terrible treatment in shops, he felt he was disturbing the sales assistants (permanently on the mobile phones), that the driving frightened him and he couldn’t understand how people didn’t think about their own safety and that of others; and that it all seemed a lack of respect for fellow citizens.

Tell me about it.


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