Saturday, December 26, 2009

UFO sightings 6/09/09

Our friend Cristiano phoned in great excitement to tell us he had seen UFOs. Mio marito was jealous he didn’t see them. There have been a series of sightings along the peninsula and in a nearby small town over the last few years there have been many inexplicable occurrences, like sofas going on fire and mobile phones flying through the air for no apparent reason. Scientists suggest they are attracted by the volcanic energy here, and are probably coming in for closer observation of life on our planet. Recent sightings have been near open air restaurants along the coast, where groups of people have all witnessed the phenomenon thus giving credence to the whole thing. Not that much persuasion is necessary in this highly superstitious country. Our friend claims to have seen what other witnesses have experienced. A set of lights rising out of the sea at great speed, hurtling through the air towards him and making fast neat circles in the air and then retreating again, all in the space of 30 seconds.

Could it not just be some sort of mirage brought on by the heat, like those in the desert? It’s hot enough ..

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