Monday, December 7, 2009

Shortsighted laws 21/06/09

There is something noxious and nauseous in the air (apart from the fumes from the Oil Refinery and Electricity plant). Sicily is a weird place. Or is it just this town? How pleasant it was in Sevilla, how fun and relaxed the people. You would be happy too if you lived in such a glorious place. The people here are born angry I think. Angry and proud and ready to pick a fight. Maybe it is not so surprising, suggests mio marito, there are so many rules, it is like authority is out to get you.

Last night of course we had lots of callers wanting to know what had happened,each with their own version and exaggerated account of the fine we got. Their fake concern lasting as long as their drink before they were off to the next locale to tell someone else with glee. We played it down.

Around 11pm last night, when there were still not too many people, the carabinieri showed up, and asked someone outside our place where they had got the beer in the bottle and they said, in our place. So of course the policeman came in and got mio marito and backed him into the side room like he had just committed some serious crime. My poor marito was rattled, especially after last night. Who knows they could have just on the spot given us another fine. Even though we have the posters up with the absurd law. Apparently residents complained that there is often broken glass on the road in the borgo (we clear up outside ours, but there are one or two local which don’t clean up so well), and so the mayor has banned bottles and glasses on the street and we are to give cocktails and bottled beer in plastic glasses. Fine if this was the law everywhere, but the pubs in the centre are exempt. And our customers will just go there – who wants to drinks their Nastro Azzurro or their Negroni from plastic? Also, now there will just be broken plastic strewn around the pretty streets of the borgo. Not so dangerous, but still unsightly. If the mayor wants to enforce his laws, we want him to sort out the recycling and the litter problem.


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