Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scapegoat ... 20/11/09

Mio marito is now happy to blame the aiuto-cuoco’s departure on me. Because the latter brings it all back to me telling him coldly (?) ‘senza battere ciglie’ (without batting an eyelid) apparently, that he would have only two days the next week. I remember clearly that day last week when mio marito asked me to tell them that. Business was so slow we decided to close three days, and have the cuoca the four days we were open, and the aiuto cuoco the Friday and Saturday. He knew they wouldn’t like the news and he got me to do it. And he also knows that my way of expressing is not his way, which is Sicilian and therefore more acceptable. Ah sure just blame the badly spoken foreign wife sorry she wasn’t more delicate. The aiuto cuoco simply couldn’t take the bad news from me, and now uses me as the excuse so he can get his job back. Of course he didn’t talk to me about it. Just explained his trauma to mio marito who tells me, oh by the way, the aiuto cuoco is back …

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