Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out on the town 5/12/09

I went to the a bar in the centre with the Irish girl last night. On the way we passed two men who come to PM and they gawked over taking a second look. They started laughing when they realised it was me and that they had been caught out. Sono irriconoscibile senza il mio marito, lo so, (‘I’m unrecognisable without my husband, I know’) I said. I feel a bit like in prison here. It was so great to go out. The whole pub stopped when we walked in. Everyone stared. Mad Max was on the sax with the trumpeter and a couple of other musicians. Lost in their jazz moment. One fo the men we had passed on the street came in and took my hand and danced with me. The trumpeter came over at half time. So are we going to do this thing or not? For sure, I said, I’ve sent you an email of songs. He said he’d contact the guitarist. We’ll see. Anyway, Mad Max said the same, are we going to do this thing? He asked, and I said, sono pronta! Amazingly he called mio marito today to get to talk to me (he wouldn’t take down my number, preferring to call my husband …) I gave him the list and he said he knew most of the songs. We have a free spot in a couple of weeks’ time, the Friday night. He suggested a practice on Sunday. We’ll see.

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