Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Transsexuals on TV 5/11/09

Last night on TV all the news programmes were about the trans scandal. A top politician was filmed going to a transsexual in Rome, a guy who is married and has kids. Who cares, I said? Let him do what he wants in his free time. Most of the trans are Brazilian. That I do remember in Brazil, you see quite a few about the place and not a bother on them. For the World Social Forum last January they put on a show or did a parade, we were having a drink at the Café da Republica right where it was all happening and the café was full of them flirting around and joking and fluttering their fans and pushing their boobs up and no one batted and eyelid but rather enjoyed the craic with them, one was getting photographed in a marquee in a shiny shimmery outfit. Also in Spain it is quite common in the underground life there – as Almodovar films have shown. But I haven’t seen it much in Italy so far. But it apparently now is an underground trend. Last night one famous trans was getting interviewed on one programme and another show had a psychologist and a lesser known trans in to talk about the rights of trans. The long haired man/woman was waving his hands around, saying transsexuals wanted to be treated like everyone else and have equal rights to employment, and that not all trans were prostitutes. This programme had Mussolini’s granddaughter on shouting off her big gob about how appalling the state of the nation was with the trans running around freely. The other programme had Brambilla the minister for tourism on shouting away in her loud awful voice and the famous trans explaining who her/his clients were – some gay, some heterosexual, some bi … some famous but she couldn’t say because she would lose the client. But it was all taken very seriously and I just thought how this would be impossible on Prime Time or any of those political insight shows at home. And this was on two Italian channels on current affairs programmes (on channels owned by Berlusconi, let’s not forget). Unreal. The whole of Italy focused on the drama of the trans. But now they reckon it was all a set up by Berlusconi. He got such bad publicity over being snapped in his villa in Sardegna with the underage girls and the orgies etc. so in order to get attention off him he is going for this leftwing politician, because apparently it is too implausible that the police could have got there and made the video and other things just don’t add up. How ridiculous. There were police and witnesses and paparazzi photographers being interviewed and explaining how their involvement but we reckoned it was all false. You can’t believe anything about Italy. What’s more, Italy has many more serious issues to deal with. As Berlusconi knows only too well …


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