Monday, February 4, 2013

Bella donna!

It's been a hard week. But amidst the daily trials and tribulations there were three undisputed moments of pleasure: on three separate occasions I was complimented on my beauty! Note: I am not so beautiful, I am just foreign. It was the unexpectedness of the compliment that made me extra-happy. The first was the female secretary in an office. She was registering my details and telling me I spoke good Italian and didn't have the typical English pronunciation (no, I'm Irish!)and then she looked me over and exclaimed, 'and to top it all off, you're bellissima!' Well, thank you very much. A few days later I was out for a walk - jogging bottoms, hoodie and cagoule because it looked like rain. A father and son were coming down the laneway and I think the son recognised me, he said hello. I was wondering whether to walk to the left past the son or to the right past the father. The father understood my predicament and said, 'Passa qui in mezzo, walk in between us! Complimenti signora, bellissima!' I was speechless. It must have been my cool shades. The last occasion was in a waiting room where I had left something behind. I went back in and the official who had been there earlier had disappeared. His mate called for him, saying, 'There is a bellissma donna who wants to talk to you ...' Well, you see. These are the moments that would not happen elsewhere that make living here a little bit easier ...

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