Wednesday, June 27, 2012

England Vs Italy, Quarter Finals, European Cup

We have had a group of English guys up at the restaurant for the last few weeks. I met them coming up the steps to the borgo one fine evening in May. They greeting me in English, and when I replied in the same language they immediately asked me where they could find a restaurant with an English menu... Look no further, I said, and led them to Pachamama. They said they were tired of pasta and wanted to know what it was they were eating! On a six week contract at the refinery, they are responsible for cleaning the waste tubes, the areas where the burnt residues of oil collect. Needless to say, this is the filthiest refinery they have ever worked in. This was particularly reassuring to know in May and early June, when experts were predicting hugh earthquakes in the South of Italy ... The six English gentlemen from Licoln munched their way through many steaks, to my surprise (rather than the seafood options), and downed copious quantities of beer (to everyone else's surprise). The waiters were amazed that they drank 23 pints and two vodka tonics between them during the England-Italy match - pretty normal - and yet made faces of disgust when they drank the shots of vodka at the end of the match - offered to all who watched it with us. However, they made the atmosphere. The Italians were all nervous and excited about the match, but the presence of the jolly bunch of inglesi made it all the more tense. Great banter was exchanged though there is a lot of doubt as to who understood what! Outside one of the waiters and one of the Englishmen smoked their way through a packet of cigarettes to calm their nerves, and pigeon English and sign language abounded. The Sicilians were all impressed by the English handshakes and pats on the back at the end. The Englishmen went home on Monday, telling me it was the tastiest steak they had ever had. Compliments to the chef!

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