Monday, March 21, 2011

busy nights, quiet nights

It’s hard to predict what way a ‘serata’ will go; Friday, the restaurant did very little, but the bar was packed with lots of people dancing to the tunes of DJ Giuppy … Saturday, the restaurant was packed and the bar too, so that the road outside was full of people like a summer weekend. And yet on Sunday night, the popular aperitivo attracted few punters this weekend – perhaps because we didn’t have a DJ last night. The SAIE – the PRS, or music rights people, to whom we have to pay €50 every time we have live music or DJ (As IF that money ever reaches the authors) warned us that they knew we were having DJs on Sundays (we pay up for Friday and Saturday, but it simply didn’t seem fair to have to do it on Sundays too … SAIE friends are exempt of course. We are not their friends, but at least they warn us, rather than coming to fine us directly). We didn’t have th barman either, so his mates didn’t come. We’ll have to decide if it’s worth the expense of barman, DJ and SAIE …

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, we now have to keep tighter tabs on the cook who has been making enormous quantities of everything. We need to check the shopping list (we were left with SEVEN bags of rocket left over last Sunday, plus various bags of mozzarella going out of date and desserts which were well past their sell-by date …), and also at the beginning of the evening discuss what preparation needs to be done.

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