Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waiting for the cook ...

Our cook from Germany is still calling us with new excuses for his delayed departure each time. Last week the problem was his car; apparently he had started his journey but had a breakdown and had to turn back. He is now waiting for the part to arrive to fix it. All this was relayed in dialect in a 30 minute telephone conversation at our expense. We have skype! Bu no, we were on the kitchen phone. While the cook recounts his misadventures and reassures my husband that he is the man we have been waiting for and that he can do whatever we want him to do, I am wondering if my husbands has gone mad. But he assures us all that this is indeed our man. Even this week – luckily the cook called us, to say his son gets mid terms holidays from school in May 15 so can we please hold on for him till then – my husband still has faith in him. I hope so much he is right. Much rolling of eyes between myself and my mother-in law.

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